Monarchianism and Origen?s Early Trinitarian Theology

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This book presents a cogent account of monarchianism, a core context for the development of trinitarian theology at the beginning of the third century, before situating Origen?s early trinitarian theology as formulated in response to monarchianism.

Long description:
This book argues that Origen?s early Trinitarian theology cannot be understood apart from his engagement with monarchianism. After providing a detailed, synthetic account of monarchianism in the early third century, the book considers Origen?s response to monarchianism alongside the responses of his rough contemporaries. Specifically, the final chapters address the question of Origen?s subordinationism. When viewed in his contemporary context and not through the anachronistic lens of Nicene theology, this study argues that Origen?s so-called subordinationism was an intentional anti-monarchian polemic strategy.
Table of Contents:


 1 Monarchianism

 2 Major Scholarship on Monarchianism

 3 Origen

 4 Subordinationism

 5 Plan of the Book

1 On the Origins of Monarchianism

 1 Introduction

 2 The Disintegration of Divine Unity

 3 A Shared Response: One and the Same

 4 Mapping the Contested Exegetical Terrain: The Oneness of God and Biblical Exegesis in the Second Century

 5 Transposition of a Theme: Monarchian Application of &&&x201C;One and the Same&&&x201D; to the Father
-Son Relationship

2 Eusebius, Contra Noetum, and Adversus Praxean

 1 Introduction: The Beginnings of Monarchianism

 2 Eusebius

 3 The Hippolytan Question

 4 Hippolytus: Contra Noetum

 5 Tertullian: Adversus Praxean

3 The Refutatio Omnium Haeresium and Novatian&&&x2019;s De Trinitate

 1 The Refutatio

 2 Novatian: De Trinitate

 3 Scholarly Theories Reconsidered

4 Monarchianism, Origen&&&x2019;s Commentary on John, and Wisdom Christology

 1 Reading Origen in Situ: Origen and Monarchianism

 2 Dating the Commentary on John

 3 Alexandrian Milieu of the Commentary on John

 4 Ambrose and the Anti
-Valentinian Context

 5 Monarchianism and Book&&&x00A0;1 of the Commentary on John

5 Origen the Subordinationist: Subordination as a Means of Distinguishing the Father and Son

 1 Introduction: Anti
-Monarchian Subordination in the Early Third Century

 2 Tertullian

 3 Novatian

 4 Subordination and Distinction: Origen&&&x2019;s Schema of Participation