Modular Origami: 18 Colorful and Customizable Folded Paper Sculptures

Modular Origami

18 Colorful and Customizable Folded Paper Sculptures
Publisher: Schiffer Craft
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No. of pages:128 pages
Size:254x203 mm
Weight:534 g
Illustrations: 150+ colour photos
Short description:

Learn to create fun and decorative origami ornaments that move, spin, or change shape!

Long description:
For anyone who wants to delve into decorative modular origami ornaments. Learn to fold colored paper into simple shapes, known as modules, and how to put them together, without using sticky tape or glue, to create amazing and attractive ornaments and sculptures. The 25 models presented will show you how to create 18 projects, which begin at a very simple level so that you can succeed on your first try. Subsequent models and projects allow you to develop your skills, so that by the time you reach the last project, you will be folding and assembling something extraordinary. Each of the designs can be customized using different kinds of paper and combinations of colors so that each finished ornament will be a unique and personal expression of the design.

"The book is nicelypresented, with a velvet lamination on the cover, with good use of spot UVvarnish, giving the title and photographs a glossy, vibrant finish. /t measuresapproximately 8 34" x 10", and about 34" thick, with a sectionsewn binding (sewn in multi­ple sections and glued along the spine), thisallows the book to be opened out, without damaging the spine. There are large,bright pictures, clear diagrams and written instruc­tions for each 'project'. The book starts with the table of contents, listingthe 18 different models (each model is a 'project'), across three chapters,'Rings and Stars', 'Polyhedra' and 'Action Models'. Following the contents,there's a detailed introduction and 'Getting Started', chapters. As part of theintroduction, there's a comprehensive list of useful terms, which is thorough,although a little maths heavy. Having said that, this book is all about modularorigami, and a basic understanding of the mathematical concepts and theunderlying polyhedra is necessary, in order to build many of the models.'Getting Started' covers everything that you need to know, from paper choice,to symbols and sizing paper. So, tosummarise, Modular Origami is a nicely presented book that contains aninteresting selection of both original models and classics from otherdesigners, each accompanied with clear diagrams and written instructions. Themodels range from simple to high intermediate and are grouped into categoriesso it's well worth dipping in and out picking models that appeal to you. And,if you can't quite manage them on your first attempt, put it down and come backto it, be it the next day or a few weeks' time!" -- Edward Holmes, British Origami