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Mitochondrial Transplantation and Transfer

Biology, Methods, Applications, and Disease
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Mitochondrial Transplantation and Transfer: Biology, Methods, Applications, and Disease, a volume in the Translational and Applied Bioenergetics series, offers a detailed overview of mitochondrial transplantation across fundamental biology, disease and early therapeutics research. Here, more than twenty experts in the field discuss transplantation and transfer of healthy mitochondria and define future steps to improve new therapeutic applications across a variety of diseases. Emphasis is placed on the physiology of mitochondrial transfer, isolation processes and their applications, transfer methods, and diagnostic and treatment use across cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurological diseases, among other disease types.

Step-by-step instruction is provided around research protocols and methods discussed, along with careful attention to the ethical implications of mitochondrial transplantation research and application.

  • Provides an in-depth discussion of mitochondrial transplantation, considering fundamental biology, disease implications, research methods and applications
  • Discusses recent advances in the field and their meaning for future research and clinical utility
  • Considers ethical dimensions of mitochondrial transplantation research and use in therapeutics
  • Examines mitochondrial transplantation across a range of disease types, from neurological to cardiovascular disease and ischemia
Table of Contents:

Part 1: Introduction 1. Mitochondrial Transplantation: Methods and Mitochondrial Dysfunction Diseases: An Overview 2. Mitochondria and Cell Metabolism 3. Mitochondrial Dynamics and Mitochondrial Biogenesis 4. Mitochondrial DNA and Heteroplasmy

Part 2: Physiological Mitochondrial Transfer 5. Tunnelling Nano Tube (TNT) 6. Microvesicles and Gap Junctions

Part 3: Mitochondrial Transplantation from Isolation Process to Application 7. Isolation Process for Mitochondrial Transplantation 8. Determination of Mitochondrial Number and Function 9. Storage of Isolated Mitochondria10. Mitochondrial Transplantation Methods 11. Application Route of Mitochondrial Transplantation 12. Limitations of Mitochondrial Transplantation 13. Ethical Issues about Mitochondrial Transplantation

Part 4: Cardiovascular Diseases and Mitochondrial Transplantation 14. Cardiovascular Diseases and Pathophysiology 15. Pre-clinical Studies 16. Clinical Studies

Part 5: Neurological Diseases and Mitochondrial Transplantation 17. Neurological Diseases and Pathophysiology 18. Pre-clinical Studies

Part 6: Other Diseases and Mitochondrial Transplantation 19. Hereditary Mitochondrial Diseases and Mitochondrial Transplantation 20. Kidney Injury and Mitochondrial Transplantation 21. Cancer and Mitochondrial Transplantation 22. Diabetes and Mitochondrial Transplantation 24. Aging and Mitochondrial Transplantation 25. Future Aspects of Mitochondrial Transplantation