Malarial Drug Delivery Systems: Advances in Treatment of Infectious Diseases

Malarial Drug Delivery Systems

Advances in Treatment of Infectious Diseases
Edition number: 1st ed. 2023
Publisher: Springer
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Number of Volumes: 1 pieces, Book
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No. of pages:395 pages
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The disability-adjusted life year (DALY) is a generic measure of health effect that can be used in cost-effectiveness analysis as an alternative to the quality-adjusted life year (QALY). Infectious diseases are one of the major to cause of significant losses of DALY and QALY. Human infectious diseases are disorders that are triggered by the micro-organisms such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, or parasites. The majority of such diseases are contagious and create a public health menace. There are several reasons why infectious diseases are deadly diseases, and one of the primary reasons is the drug resistance developed over time. Drug resistance-associated mutations are linked to increasing drug efflux, modifications of the drugs, or their targets. Every year, new drugs are being approved by FDA to treat infectious diseases. Nonetheless, infectious diseases will undoubtedly persist as permanent and main threats to humanity for now and in the future, primarily due to increased longevity that almost always comes at the cost of impaired immunity.

A total of four books are covered under the series of Infectious drug diseases.

- Malarial drug delivery systems

- Tubercular drug delivery systems

- Viral drug delivery systems

- Infectious disease drug delivery systems

The theme of the first book is Malaria. This book compiles the complete road map of malarial drug delivery systems by understanding the pathophysiology of the disease, the current state of malaria across the globe, new clinical trials, emerging drugs, and the development of novel drug delivery platforms. Various novel micro-and nano-formulations using promising technologies are being explored to deliver the malarial drug via different administration routes. This book addresses the gap between new approaches and old treatment modalities and how the former is superior in pharmacological performance when tested in in-vitro and in-vivo.

Audiences from a broad range of groups, from researchers, academicians, and public health bodies to regulatory experts, can benefit from the compiled information to learn more about patient needs and current research advances in the field of malarial research.

Long description:
This book targets new advances in areas of treatment and drug delivery sciences for Malaria.  This is the only published book which compiles the complete road map of malarial drug delivery systems along with an overview on the pathology, current state of malaria across the globe, new clinical trials, emerging drugs and evolving novel drug delivery platforms.   A wide variety of novel micro-and nano-formulations using promising technologies are being explored to deliver the malarial drug via different administration routes. This book addresses the gap between new approaches and old treatment modalities and how the former is superior in pharmacological performance when tested in in-vitro and in-vivo. Audience from wide range group like from researchers to regulatory bodies can benefit from the compiled information to find out patient needs and addresses a much-needed update to the existing malaria drug delivery research.
Table of Contents:
1 Global health and Malaria past, present and Future 2 Malaria: cellular understanding of disease 3 Drug resistance and statistics and patent status 4 Malaria: current treatment options 5 Polymeric nanoparticles in Malaria 6 Solid lipid nanoparticles in Malaria 7 Dendrimers in Malaria 8 Liposomes in Malaria 9 Micro, nano emulsions in Malaria 10 Nano suspension in Malaria 11 Alginate, gelatin nanoparticles in Malaria 12 Niosome in Malaria 13 Surface modified drug delivery systems in Malaria 14 Clinical trials in Malaria 15 Herbal platforms in Malaria 16 Exploration on Metal nanoparticles for treatment of Malaria