Libraries, archives, and museums as democratic spaces in a digital age

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No. of pages:350 pages
Size:235x155 mm
Illustrations: 16 Illustrations, color; 10 Tables, black & white
Short description:

This new series presents and discusses new and innovative approaches used by professionals in library and information practice worldwide.

The authors are chosen to provide critical analysis of issues and to present solutions to selected challenges in libraries and related fields, including information management and industry, and education of information professionals.

The book series strives to present practical solutions that can be applied in institutions worldwide. It thereby contributes significantly to improvements in the field.

Long description:

Libraries, archives and museums have traditionally been a part of the public sphere's infrastructure. They have been so by providing public access to culture and knowledge, by being agents for enlightenment and by being public meeting places in their communities. Digitization and globalization poses new challenges in relation to upholding a sustainable public sphere. Can libraries, archives and museums contribute in meeting these challenges?