Legendary Patania Jewelry

In the Tradition of the Southwest
Publisher: Schiffer
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No. of pages:256 pages
Size:279x215 mm
Weight:1704 g
Illustrations: colour photos
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Celebrate three generations of significant American jewelers—their stories and their stunning work—in the only authorized history of the Patania family. The family’s unique jewelry blended their Italian heritage, midcentury modern design, and influences from Native American southwestern jewelry, resulting in a singular and striking style. The authors chronicle the history of the family from 1899, when Frank Patania Sr. was born in Italy, through his son Frank Patania Jr., up to the present day, where the third generation, Sam Patania, continues the tradition of designing and making modern jewelry with a southwestern flair. This first full-length publication for collectors, historians, and enthusiasts documents the jewelry made by the Patanias and other craftspeople sold at their Thunderbird Shop, including information to attribute and date pieces, history of hallmarks used, and biographies of noted silversmiths who worked there. Beautiful images, including full-page photos of never-before-published masterpieces, make this the definitive resource on the family and their continuing legacy.