Starting School: A Learn with Ladybird Activity Book (3-5 years): Ideal for home learning (EYFS)

Starting School: A Learn with Ladybird Activity Book (3-5 years)

Ideal for home learning (EYFS)
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Join the students of Ladybird Class as they learn lots of useful skills for school.

Your little learner will join the diverse characters of Ladybird Class as they practise new skills every day. Packed with activities and games, Starting School has been written and developed by primary educators, making it the perfect book to support your child's education.

Join Zara Penguin, Tao Meerkat, Ali Lion, Olivia Crocodile, Noah Panda and Nia Hedgehog as they learn all the key skills your child needs to start their primary school journey. From learning about colours and patterns to practising pencil control, this book is ideal for budding students.

Packed with helpful notes for grown-ups to support your child's learning and extension activities to bring learning to life in day-to-day activities, Starting School is perfect for helping children to develop key skills for starting school.

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