Johannes Itten. Catalogue RaisonnéVol. III.: Documents and Sources on the Biography. Graphic Work, Sculpture, Tapestries, Furniture. 1888-1967

Johannes Itten. Catalogue RaisonnéVol. III.

Documents and Sources on the Biography. Graphic Work, Sculpture, Tapestries, Furniture. 1888-1967
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Der Schweizer Künstler Johannes Itten (1888-1967) war nicht nur ein wegweisender Kunsttheoretiker und prominenter Meister am Bauhaus, sondern er hinterließ auch ein umfangreiches und bis heute lediglich in Ausschnitten bekanntes, vielfältiges Werk. Die gesamte Bandbreite seines künstlerischen uvres wird in dem opulent bebilderten Werkverzeichnis umfassend erschlossen und gewürdigt.

Long description:
The Swiss artist Johannes Itten (18881967) was not only a pioneering art theorist and a prominent teacher at the Bauhaus, but he also left an extensive and wide-ranging oeuvre which is only known in part today. The lavishly illustrated catalogue raisonné covers comprehensively and presents an appropriate appreciation of the entire range of his artistic oeuvre.

Paintings, graphic works, sculptures, textiles and furniture Johannes Itten was an unusually versatile artist who during the six decades of his creative career also produced one of the most important works on the theory of colours in the twentieth century. His artistic work is examined here for the first time scientifically on the basis of 120,000 biographical documents and sources and is being expanded in comparison with the catalogue raisonné of 1972 by more than 1,000 works from all creative periods. The three-volume catalogue raisonné includes the latest provenance research, an index of exhibitions and literature and provides for the first time a complete overview of the artistic cosmos of Johannes Itten.