Italian Politics

Exploring the Dynamics of Political Change
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No. of pages:184 pages
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Short description:

This book presents a comprehensive and incisive exploration of the intricacies of the Italian political system.

Long description:

This book presents a comprehensive and incisive exploration of the intricacies of the Italian political system.

Written in a lucid and informative style, the work features:

  • an examination of Italian political history from 1943 to the present day

  • an analysis of the governmental system, the constitutional framework, the core institutions, the electoral system and the key parties

  • an analysis of the role of contemporary pressure groups and social movements including environmental, labour and institutional organisations

  • discussions of important topical issues, such as corruption and organised crime

  • an exploration of Italian foreign policy towards the EU, the US and the wider world

  • a wide range of examples, tables and figures.

Italian Politics: Exploring the Dynamics of Political Change is an indispensable resource for students and scholars delving into Italian politics, Italian studies, European politics/studies, political systems and comparative politics.

'James L. Newell has been observing Italian politics both from outside and inside the country for many years. This twofold standpoint has led the author to develop an original reading of the First and, more extensively, Second Republic, which is a well-known 'political laboratory' also significant for other contemporary democracies. The book covers the main national political ages, various institutions and actors, and specific phenomena and events that give the reader a better understanding of the complexity of current Italian politics.'

Luigi CeccariniUniversity of Urbino Carlo Bo, Italy; President of the Italian Society of Electoral Studies (SISE)

?In this short, erudite work James L. Newell, as one of our foremost Italian specialists, brings his highly perceptive analysis and insights to create a vivid explanation of Italian politics today through the historic lens of the watershed period of the early 1990s, leaving us with an intriguing sense of what might still be to come.?

Martin J. BullProfessor of Politics, University of Salford, UK

Table of Contents:


1. A tale of two republics 

2. Government and the state 

3. The Italian party system and the electorate 

4. Organised interests and social movements 

5. Political corruption, organized crime and the administration of justice 

6. Italy and the wider world 

7. Conclusion: The Italy of Berlusconi and his successors