Introduction to Psycholinguistics ? Understanding Language Science, 2nd Edition: Understanding Language Science

Introduction to Psycholinguistics ? Understanding Language Science, 2nd Edition

Understanding Language Science
Edition number: 2. Aufl.
Publisher: Wiley?Blackwell
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The new edition of the popular introduction to the field of psycholinguistics, providing a solid foundation for understanding how people produce and comprehend languageIntroduction to Psycholinguistics: Understanding Language Science, Second Edition, presents a comprehensive overview of the cognitive processes involved in language acquisition, production, and comprehension. Balancing depth and accessibility, this bestselling textbook adopts a multidisciplinary approach to the study of language that incorporates perspectives from psychology, linguistics, philosophy, computer science, neurology, neurophysiology, and related fields. Student-friendly chapters explain the core components of speech, discuss how the brain receives and applies the basic building blocks of language, review leading research in psycholinguistics, describe the experimental evidence behind major theories, and more.Fully updated to incorporate recent developments in the field, the second edition of Introduction to Psycholinguistics includes a new section devoted to language and cognitive disorders, two entirely new chapters on language as aspects of autism and schizophrenia, updated illustrations and learning objectives, and new coverage of language acquisition, the cognitive neuroscience of language, bilingualism, and sign language. This valuable textbook:* Reviews leading research and theory in psycholinguistics, including in-depth descriptions of the experimental evidence behind theories* Describes phonology, morphology, semantics, syntax, pragmatics, and other key components of language* Covers bilingualism, second-language acquisition, sign language comprehension, reading comprehension, and non-literal language interpretation* Discusses cognitive disorders such as autism, aphasia, schizophrenia, and specific language impairment (SLI)* Offers clear learning objectives, engaging thought exercises, chapter review questions, and step-by-step explanations of all key concepts* Provides resources for instructors and students, including a companion website with review exercises, quizzes, PowerPoint slides, test banks, and other supplementary materialsIntroduction to Psycholinguistics: Understanding Language Science, Second Edition, is an excellent textbook for upper-level undergraduate courses in psycholinguistics, language processing, and cognitive or communication disorders, as well as related courses in psychology, linguistics, cognitive science, neuroscience, language education, and computational linguistics.