Insights into Clinical Neurology
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Insights into Clinical Neurology

Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Short description:

This illuminating book offers insights into neurological examination, higher cortical disorders, lower functions and neurological diseases.

Long description:
This illuminating book clarifies controversial topics in challenging and often confusing areas of neurology for all who are interested in clinical neuroscience. It provides an organized approach to neurological conditions such as amnesic syndrome, aphasia, agnosia and apraxia, it includes previously unpublished data on grasp reflex and Wernicke disease is presented. Written by an internationally renowned author, the book draws on his extensive personal experience to orient neurological clinicians to a variety of conditions by putting less accessible literature into context with recent advances and information from interviews undertaken throughout his career. This book will appeal to general and specialist neurologists, nurse practitioners, physician's assistants and those training to specialise in neurology.
Table of Contents:
Acknowledgments; Introduction; 1. The amnesic syndrome; 2. Aphasia, apraxia and agnosia; 3. Spurious symptoms and behaviors; 4. Hallucinations; 5. Grasping and the grasp reflex; 6. Asterixis; 7. Discussion of the upper motor neuron syndrome; 8. Some aspects of the lower motor neuron syndrome; 9. The limbic 'system'; 10. Vibration sensation, the posterior columns and related topics; 11. Trans neuronal effects; 12. Spinal nerve roots; 13. Ischemic-Hypoxic encephalopathy; 14. The liver-brain relationship in Wilson disease; 15. Wernicke disease; 16. Delayed neurologic disorders after a toxic or metabolic insult; 17. Transolfactory spread in the pathogenesis of meningoencephalitis; 18. Neurologic disorders in endocarditis; 19. Secondary abscess formation in primary brain lesions; 20. Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy: the early years; Index.