In the Company of Grace: A Veterinarian's Memoir of Trauma and Healing

In the Company of Grace

A Veterinarian's Memoir of Trauma and Healing
Publisher: Univ Of Minnesota Press
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No. of pages:232 pages
Size:210x140x13 mm
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Illustrations: 9 black and white illustrations
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The son of a Black mother and white father overcomes family trauma to find the courage of compassion in veterinary practice

Rising to accept a prestigious award, Jody Lulich wondered what to say. Explain how he’d been attracted to veterinary medicine? Describe how caring for helpless, voiceless animals in his own shame and pain provided a lifeline, a chance to heal himself as well? Lulich tells his story in In the Company of Grace, a memoir about finding courage in compassion and strength in healing—and power in finally confronting the darkness of his youth.

Lulich’s white father and Black mother met at a civil rights rally, but love was no defense against their personal demons. His mother’s suicide, in his presence when he was nine years old, and his sometimes brutal father’s subsequent withdrawal set Lulich on a course from the South Side of Chicago to the Tuskegee School of Veterinary Medicine in Alabama to an endowed chair at the University of Minnesota, forever searching for the approval and affection that success could not deliver. Though shadowed by troubling secrets, his memoir also features scenes of surprising light and promise—of the neighbors who take him in, a brother’s unlikely effort to save Christmas, his mother’s memories of the family’s charmed early days, bright moments (and many curious details) of veterinary practice. Most consequentially, at Tuskegee Lulich rents a room in the home of a seventy-five-year-old Black woman named Grace, whose wholehearted adoption of him—and her own stories of the Jim Crow era—finally gives him a sense of belonging and possibility.

Completing his book amid the furor over George Floyd’s murder, Lulich reflects on all the ways that race has shaped his life. In the Company of Grace is a moving testament to the power of compassion in the face of seemingly overwhelming circumstances.

"In the Company of Grace is haunting and powerful. Jody Lulich has written an absorbing meditation on his lifelong journey from a helpless child who witnesses his beloved mother take her own life, to finding acceptance through the unconditional love of an elderly woman and redemption in caring for animals. An unforgettable and inspiring memoir."—Carolyn Holbrook, author of Tell Me Your Names and I Will Testify

"Despite suffering true tragedies as a child, Jody Lulich grew up to be a veterinarian who shows deep compassion to both people and animals. His devotion to his mentor and mother figure, Grace Hooks, inspires admiration and an understanding of a true loving relationship. Don't miss this remarkable book."—Laura Shaine Cunningham, author of Sleeping Arrangements

"Lulich's memoir is raw, introspective, and honest."—Insight News