In Search of the Castaways
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No. of pages:656 pages
Size:193x130x40 mm
Weight:440 g
Illustrations: f-c soft-touch matte uv cvr on metallic stock w- spot uv, emboss, 2 hits opaque white

In Search of the Castaways

Publisher: Aladdin
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Number of Volumes: Trade Paperback
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Short description:

A message in a bottle launches a quest for the recovery of shipwrecked Captain Grant in this Jules Verne classic.

Long description:
A message in a bottle launches a quest for the recovery of shipwrecked crew in this Jules Verne classic&&&8212;now with an arresting new look!

When Lord and Lady Glenarvan catch a shark during a sailing trip, they are surprised to find a message in a bottle within its belly, sent by Captain Grant of the shipwrecked Britannia. Unfortunately, the water-damaged note is mostly unreadable, giving any would-be rescuers only a latitude and no longitude to work with.

Eager to help the castaways, the couple urges the British government to launch a rescue expedition but are refused. So they take it upon themselves to search for Grant with the help of Mary and Robert&&&8212;Captain Grant’s children&&&8212;and the crew of the Duncan. Thus, the group sets off, determined to find the shipwrecked crew, even if it means sailing across the entire thirty-seventh latitude&&&8212;and facing whatever dangers lie in their path.