Imaging Life ? Image Acquisition and Analysis in Biology and Medicine: Image Acquisition and Analysis in Biology and Medicine
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Imaging Life ? Image Acquisition and Analysis in Biology and Medicine

Image Acquisition and Analysis in Biology and Medicine
Publisher: Wiley?Blackwell
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Imaging Life is an accessible textbook that covers scientific imaging, from creating pictures with a wide range of instruments, to processing and analyzing them.

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Hands-on textbook to understand and successfully process biological image dataIn Imaging Life: Theory and Practice, distinguished biologist Dr. Lawrence R. Griffing delivers a comprehensive and accessible exploration of scientific imaging, including but not limited to the different scientific imaging technologies, image processing, and analysis. The author discusses technical features, challenges, and solutions of the various imaging modalities to obtain the best possible image.Divided into three sections, the book opens with the basics such as the various image media, their representation and evaluation. It explains in exceptional detail pre- and postprocessing of an image. The last section concludes with common microscopic and biomedical imaging modalities in light of technical limitations and solutions to achieve the best possible image acquisition of the specimen.Imaging Life: Theory and Practice is written specifically for readers with limited mathematical and programming backgrounds and includes tutorials on image processing in relevant chapters. It also trains students in the use of popular, open-source software.* A thorough introduction to imaging methods, technical features, challenges, and solutions to successfully capture biological images* Offers tutorials on image processing using open-source software in relevant chapter* Discusses details of acquisition needs and image media covering pixels, pixel values, contrast, tonal range, and image formats* In-depth presentation of microscopic and biomedical imaging modalitiesPerfect for undergraduate students in the biological sciences and engineering, Imaging Life: Theory and Practice is also an ideal resource for graduate students and professionals working in research labs, biotech companies, and equipment vendors.