I Knew It Wasn't Butter Cross Stitch Kit

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Size:152x152x6 mm
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While everyone else is blessing-their-mess, you can stitch out a little dose of reality. This cross-stitch-kit-for-the-rest-of-us by Brass Monkey includes everything you need (besides the patience): an embroidery hoop, needle, Aida cloth, and all the floss you could possibly want. That's what they call the thread?you'll have to provide your own dental care supplies.

? Features a 6" bamboo embroidery hoop, Aida cloth, and a needle.
? Includes all the thread you'll need to complete the design on the front of the box. There might even be a bit left over?friendship bracelets, anyone?
? Comes with a design guide?and tutorial instructions suitable for beginners & experts alike (but the experts will likely judge us).
? Bonus: It all comes in a pretty box...if we do say so ourselves.
? The outer box measures 7.6" square by 1.64" deep?that's 193mm by 42mm if you're fancy.