Human Factors in Land Use Planning and Urban Design

Methods, Practical Guidance, and Applications
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Short description:

At a simplistic level the issues found in both discipline areas are one and the same: the design of the environment brings about emergent behaviours that in some cases are not optimal.

Long description:

The integration of Human Factors in Land Use Planning and Urban Design (LUP & UD) is an exciting and emerging interdisciplinary field. This book offers practical guidance on a range of Human Factors methods that can be used to rigorously and reliably explore LUP & UD.

It provides new ways to interpret urban space and detail context sensitive analysis for the interpretation and design of our surroundings. The methodologies outlined allow for the consideration of the technical aspects of the built environment with the necessary experience and human centered approaches to our urban and regional settings.??

This book describes 30 Human Factors methods for use in the LUP & UD context. While it explores theory, it also focuses on the question of what Human Factors methods are; their advantages and disadvantages; step-by-step guidance on how to carry them out; and case studies to guide the reader.

  • Describes the practice and processes associated with urban and regional strategic planning

  • Constructed so that students, practitioners, and researchers with an interest in one particular area of Human Factors can read the chapters independently from one another
Table of Contents:




Chapter 1 Introduction to Human Factors Methods in Land Use Planning and Urban Design

Chapter 2 Data Collection Methods

Chapter 3 Task Analysis Methods

Chapter 4 Cognitive Task Analysis Methods

Chapter 5 Error Identification Methods

Chapter 6 Accident Analysis Methods

Chapter 7 Situation Awareness Assessment

Chapter 8 Mental Workload Assessment Methods

Chapter 9 Interface Evaluation Methods

Chapter 10 Systems Analysis and Design Methods

Chapter 11 Future Human Factors Applications in Land Use Planning and Urban Design