Handbook on Local and Regional Governance
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Handbook on Local and Regional Governance

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Holistic in approach, this Handbook?s international range of leading scholars present complementary perspectives, both theoretical and empirically pertinent, to explore recent developments in the field of local and regional governance.

This title contains one or more Open Access chapters.

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Holistic in approach, this Handbook?s international range of leading scholars present complementary perspectives, both theoretical and empirically pertinent, to explore recent developments in the field of local and regional governance.

With a fresh outlook on the field, this Handbook builds significantly upon the existing literature to clarify the scope of the discipline, as well as providing tools, information, and research questions to better understand and further explore the field. Chapters provide theoretical and empirical context to current debates on local and regional governance and offer competing analytical lenses for studying the field. Topics explored include the intersecting roles, limits, opportunities, and influence of actors, democracy, place, scale, and networks, with examinations of social cohesion, intermunicipal decentralization, and emerging technologies. Particularly close attention is paid to relationships, as the Handbook introduces to the analysis the ways that actors, tiers of government, institutions and multiple jurisdictions exchange resources, coordinate action and produce decisions with collective impact in local and regional governance.

Interdisciplinary and international in scope, this Handbook will be an invigorating read for students and scholars looking to better understand contemporary policy, politics and subnational governance at local and regional levels.

'The Handbook on Local and Regional Governance brings together a timely and much-needed collection of essays on a myriad set of issues that synthesizes enduring questions and challenges in governing subnational systems. A leading scholar of local governance, Filipe Teles has assembled a compelling volume that is theoretically rigorous and empirically rich in its depth and breadth of contributions from around the world. Scholars and practitioners will benefit from these insightful conversations and reflections on the future of local and regional governance.'

Table of Contents:

1 Introduction: local and regional governance ? a negotiated arena 1
Filipe Teles

2 Governance and metagovernance failure: exploring their spatial dimensions 13
Bob Jessop
3 Effective local governance 27
Geert Bouckaert
4 The right to local self-government 40
Warren Magnusson
5 Trust and local government: a positive relationship? 50
Gerry Stoker, Hannah Bunting and Lawrence McKay
6 Decentralisation and autonomy: a picture of big differences 66
Andreas Ladner and Nicolas Keuffer

7 Local citizenship 85
Hubert Heinelt
8 Ties that bind? Mapping and explaining the network activities of
European mayors 96
Bas Denters and Kristof Steyvers
9 Councillors as local representatives: council, community, centralisation
and complexity 115
Colin Copus
10 Gender and representation in local politics 129
Eva Marín Hlynsdóttir

11 Local elections and voting: grasping vertical integration and horizontal
variation 147
Adam Gendźwiłł, Ulrik Kjaer and Kristof Steyvers
12 Tracing developments in regional electoral democracy: the impact of
regional authority, regional identity, and regional electoral systems on
the regional vote 164
Arjan H. Schakel and Alexander Verdoes
13 Limits and challenges of citizen participation 184
Giovanni Allegretti and Massimo Allulli
14 Online participation 203
Norbert Kersting
15 Revisiting the local integrity system concept and theory 219
Luís de Sousa and Luís Filipe Mota Almeida

16 Political leadership: when place makes a difference 236
Robin Hambleton
17 Policy making at the local level 255
Catherine Durose, Beth Perry and Liz Richardson
18 Poverty and social cohesion in metropolitan areas 269
Jonathan Pratschke and Enrica Morlicchio
19 A new debate on local governance from the lenses of Earth System science 284
Sara Moreno Pires and Filipe Teles
20 Land-use management: local institutions and the power to shape 299
António F. Tavares

21 Comparing local government systems and reforms in Europe: from
New Public Management to digital era governance? 315
Sabine Kuhlmann and Justine Marienfeldt
22 Governance in contemporary metropolises: quo vadis the state? 332
Marisol García and Frank Moulaert
23 Metropolitan governance and policy challenges 349
Karsten Zimmermann
24 Regional governance and institutional collective action 364
Richard Clark Feiock
25 Intra-municipal decentralization: going below traditional tiers of government 377
Eduardo José Grin, José Hernández-Bonivento and Fernando Luiz Abrucio

26 Intermunicipal cooperation: an assessment of drivers and effects 395
Germ? Bel and Marianna Sebő
27 Multi-level governance and democracy: a local governance perspective 409
Tiziana Caponio
28 Corporatization at the local level 423
Rhys Andrews
29 Performance management and accountability: the role of
intergovernmental information systems 439
Jostein Askim and ?ge Johnsen
30 Emerging technologies and the future of local e-governance 455
Gonçalo Paiva Dias

31 Utopian experimentalism to learn about social transformation at a local
and regional level 468
Daniel Silver
32 Teaching local and regional governance 482
Alistair Jones
33 Geographies of knowledge: centres and peripheries of local government
studies in Europe 492
Paweł Swianiewicz