Greatest Hits, 1 Audio-CD
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Binding:Audio CD
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Size:135x120x10 mm
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Greatest Hits, 1 Audio-CD

Publisher: ZYX Music
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Number of Volumes: 1 pieces,
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Short description:

Auf dieser CD befinden sich einige der schönsten und besten Stücke der US-Folk Legende und 60s Legende. u.A. Das sicher allen bekannte "House Of The Rising Sun", "Silver Dagger", "All My Trials" um nur einige zu nennen...

Table of Contents:
Aus dem Inhalt:
1. House Of The Rising Sun
- Joan Baez
2. All My Trials
- Joan Baez
3. Henry Martin
- Joan Baez
4. Kitty
- Joan Baez (with Bill Wood)
5. Black Is The Colour
- Joan Baez
6. O What A Beautiful City
- Joan Baez
7. Silver Dagger
- Joan Baez
8. Rake And Rambling Boy
- Joan Baez
9. Mary Hamilton
- Joan Baez
10. El Preso Numero Nueve
- Joan Baez
11. What You Ganna Call Your Pretty Little Baby
- Joan Baez
12. Lowlands
- Joan Baez
13. Donna Donna
- Joan Baez
14. Sail Away Ladies
- Joan Baez
15. John Riley
- Joan Baez
16. The Banks Of The Ohio
- Joan Baez
17. Wildwood Flower
- Joan Baez
18. East Virginia
- Joan Baez
19. Fare Thee Well
- Joan Baez
20. Little Moses
- Joan Baez
21. So Soon In The Morning
- Joan Baez
22. Careless Love
- Joan Baez
23. Don't Weep After Me
- Joan Baez