Flytying for Beginners

Learn All the Basic Tying Skills via 12 Popular International Fly Patterns
Publisher: Skyhorse
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Number of Volumes: Trade Paperback
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No. of pages:128 pages
Size:228x177x12 mm
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This is a guide book for those totally new to the art of tying flies. Until now, learning flytying from a book has not only been challenging, but often the cause of great frustration, with photographs or diagrams making even the elementary techniques difficult to grasp. Step-by-step images help a reasonably proficient flytyer understand the stages in making a fly, but for the new beginner, there will always be a gap between each step-by-step image, which can be bewildering. Seeing the manual maneuvers that take place in these pages can make the different between success and failure for a beginner.&&&160;

The techniques you will learn in this book are the building blocks for which all successful fishing flies, even the most complex ones, are based.&&&160;