Flower Frogs for Collectors
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No. of pages:192 pages
Size:279x215 mm
Weight:1490 g
Illustrations: 608 color photos

Flower Frogs for Collectors

Publisher: Schiffer
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Long description:
This is the first comprehensive guide to flower frogs, the decorative devices that hold flowers upright in an arrangement. 900 of these fascinating collectibles are described and shown in over 600 color photographs. The book is divided into three sections: pottery, glass, and metal, with histories of the manufacturers followed by their wares. Collectors of Beagle, Brush-McCoy, Cambridge, Cowan, Dazey, Fenton, Fostoria, Fulper, Heisey, Haeger, Rookwood, Roseville, L.E. Smith, Van Briggle, Viking, Weller, Westmoreland, and numerous other ceramics and glass companies will find their favorite flower frogs grouped together. Flower frogs from Germany, Japan, England, Czechoslovakia, and other countries are abundant. Hundreds of flower frogs in the forms of gorgeous dancing ladies, frolicking children, delightful frogs and turtles, colorful backyard and exotic birds, butterflies and dragonflies, large and small elephants, jumping fish, blooming plants, and sailing ships are included, plus an amazing array of metal wire and loop creations.