Experimental Soil Fertility and Biology

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Short description:

This present book is different in its league, written in a very simpler and lucid manner covering all aspects of soil fertility and biology in well-illustrated comprehensive chapters.

Long description:

Soil fertility and plant nutrition is an applied science that integrates knowledge across all disciplines of soil and plant sciences to provide nutrients effectively and efficiently to plants. Efficient use of nutrients is required not only to maximize agricultural production but also to protect air, soil, and water quality as well as the natural resources involved in providing fertilizers to support agricultural production.

This book, Experimental Soil Fertility and Biology, by Dr. A. S. Mailappa, is truly a tour de force of condensation of the essentials of scientific knowledge and approaches to soil science and discusses the various aspects of soil fertility and crop nutrition with a focus on collection, preparation, and analysis of essential plant nutrients in soil, plant, and water.

This book is unique, written in a simple and lucid manner and covering all aspects of soil fertility and biology in comprehensive chapters. This book is organized to facilitate rapid location of information, while being written in a readable style. The topics and discussion in this self-contained book are practical and user-friendly, yet comprehensive enough to cover material presented in upper-level soil and plant science courses. It allows practitioners with general background knowledge to feel confident applying the principles presented to soil/crop production systems.

Readership: students / teachers / researchers / practitioners of agricultural universities/ institutes, engaged in teaching, research and extension activities related to agriculture, horticulture, forestry, and other allied disciplines.

Table of Contents:

Table of contents

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Good Laboratory Practices and Laboratory Safety

Basic Principles of Analytical Techniques and Instrumental Methods

Analytical Chemistry - Basic Concepts

Laboratory Vessels and Their Uses

Basic Techniques of Analytical Chemistry

Preparation of Primary Standard Solutions

Preparation of Secondary Standard Solution of an Acid

Preparation of Secondary Standard Solution of a Base

Working Principle of Some of Important Instruments

Collection and Preparation of Soil Samples for Laboratory Analyzis

Estimation of Soil pH

Estimation of Electrical Conductivity of Soil

Estimation of Organic Carbon Content of Soil

[Titrimetric/ Walkley and Black (1934) Method]

Determination of Available Nitrogen in Soil

[Alkaline Permanganate / Subbiah and Asija (1956) Method]

Estimation of Available Phosphorus in Soil

[Bray?s Method ? Acid Soils ; Olsen?s Method ? Neutral and Alkaline Soils ]

Estimation of Available Potassium in Soil

[Hanway and Heidel (1952) Method]

Estimation of Available Sulfur in Soil

[Williams and Steinbergs (1959) Method]

Estimation of Available Micronutrients in Soil

[DTPA / Lindsay and Norvell (1978) Method]

Determination of Water Soluble Carbonate and Bicarbonate in Soil (Titrimetric Method)

Determination of Water Soluble Chloride in Soil (Argentimetric Method)

Determination of Water Soluble Calcium and Magnesium in Soil (Complexometric Titration Method / Versenate Method)

Determination of Water-Soluble Sodium and Potassium in Soil (Flame Photometric Method)

Determination of Cation Exchange Capacity of Soil

Determination of Exchangeable Potassium in Soil

Determination of Exchangeable Sodium in Soil

Determination of Exchangeable Calcium and Magnesium in Soil

Determination of Lime Requirement of Soil

[Shoemaker, Mc Lean and Pratt (SMP) Method, 1961]

Determination of Gypsum Requirement of Soil

[Schoonover (1952) Method]

Enumeration of Microorganisms in Soil : Preparation of Serial Dilution

Composition and Preparation of Microbiological Media

Sterilization Techniques: Sterilization of Media and Glasswares

Determination of Mineralization Rate of Organic Carbon Compounds : A Measure of Microbial Activity in Soil

Estimation of Nitrifying Power of Soil

Isolation and Quantitative Estimation of Azotobacter in Soils

Isolation and Quantitative Estimation of Rhizobia in Soils

Isolation and Purification of Ectomycorrhizal Fungi

Collection and Preparation of Plant Samples for Laboratory Analyzis

Determination of Total Nitrogen in Plants

Determination of Total Phosphorus in Plants

Determination of Total Potassium in Plants

Assessment of Quality of Irrigation Water