EU External Relations Law: Text, Cases and Materials

EU External Relations Law

Text, Cases and Materials
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Table of Contents:
1. The European Union as a Global Legal Actor
Ramses A Wessel (University of Groningen) and Joris Larik (Leiden University)
2. Principles of EU External Action
Anne Thies (University of Reading)
3. EU External Competence
Andrea Ott (Maastricht University)
4. Instruments of EU External Action
Joris Larik (Leiden University) and Ramses A Wessel (University of Groningen)
5. The EU and International Law
Ramses A Wessel (University of Groningen)
6. The EU and International Institutions
Jed Odermatt (City, University of London)
7. Common Commercial Policy
Joris Larik (Leiden University)
8. EU Development Policy
Morten Broberg (University of Copenhagen)
9. Common Foreign, Security and Defence Policy
Ramses A Wessel (University of Groningen)
10. EU External Human Rights Policy
Laurent Pech and Joelle Grogan (Middlesex University London)
11. EU External Environmental Policy
Gracia Marín Durán (University College London)
12. The External Dimension of the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice
Claudio Matera (University of Twente)
13. The EU and its Neighbours
Peter Van Elsuwege (Ghent University)
14. The External Dimension of Joining and Leaving the EU
Joris Larik (Leiden University), Peter Van Elsuwege (Ghent University) and Bart Van Vooren (Covington)