Essential Knit Sweaters: Patterns for Every Sweater You Ever Wanted to Wear Every Day

Essential Knit Sweaters

Patterns for Every Sweater You Ever Wanted to Wear Every Day
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Publisher: Stackpole Books
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No. of pages:192 pages
Size:234x201x16 mm
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Illustrations: 70 Illustrations, unspecified; 100 Illustrations, color
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Knit sweaters to LIVE in!

Comfy pullover? Office cardigan? Weekend hoodie? Fitted turtleneck? Think of those sweaters you wear most often, the favorites you reach for time and again because they look great and are also comfortable. Now imagine them hand knitted in soft, beautiful yarns in the colors of your choice. With the 20 patterns in Essential Knit Sweaters you can create the sweater collection of your dreams!

Each of the designs is a classic, essential type of sweater everyone should own?jacket cardigan, turtleneck, oversize tunic, slouchy cardigan, hoodie, raglan pullover?and all knit in easy stitches but with added details to make them unique. Knitting tutorials and detailed instructions make the sweater designs accessible for beginner to advanced knitters. Sweaters are shown in neutral tones for a modern look, and to allow a canvas on which to envision your own favorite hues. Grab your needles and some gorgeous yarn and start filling your wardrobe with sweaters you'll reach for again and again!