Endless Florescence

Transformative Contemporary Dried Floral Design
Publisher: Schiffer Craft
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No. of pages:186 pages
Size:215x279 mm
Weight:1366 g
Illustrations: colour photos
Long description:
A celebration of the renewing powers of creativity, this striking dive into contemporary dried floral design shares inspiration and insight from a star floral designer. Jenny Thomasson (AIFD, PFCI, EMC) showcases 26 stunning, cutting-edge dried floral arrangements that show the artistic potential of the medium. Conceptual sketches for each, as well as detailed lists of materials used, give a deep look into the pieces from idea to finished product. Along with the finished compositions, 12 fragment studies show up-close, texturally focused alternate constructions, delving deeper into technique and potential uses of the materials. Thomasson also shows how dried pieces are a form of interior sculpture that can transform your space. Both an innovative lookbook and a meditation on the highly personal, emotional process of floral design, this guide will draw in all who see the beauty in making something new.