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Dynamic Optimization

The Calculus of Variations and Optimal Control in Economics and Management
Edition number: 2
Publisher: Elsevier Science
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The long awaited second edition of Dynamic Optimization is now available. Clear exposition and numerous worked examples made the first edition the premier text on this subject. Now, the new edition is expanded and updated to include essential coverage of current developments on differential games, especially as they apply to important economic questions; new developments in comparative dynamics; and new material on optimal control with integral state equations.

The second edition of Dynamic Optimization provides expert coverage on:- methods of calculus of variations - optimal control - continuous dynamic programming - stochastic optimal control -differential games. The authors also include appendices on static optimization and on differential games.

Now in its new updated and expanded edition, Dynamic Optimization is, more than ever, the optimum choice for graduate and advanced undergraduate courses in economics, mathematical methods in economics and dynamic optimization, management science, mathematics and engineering.

New features of Dynamic Optimization will show students:advances in how to do comparative dynamics; how to optimally switch from one state equation to another during the planning period; how to take into account the history of the system governing an optimization problem through the use of an integral state equation; and how to apply differential games to problems in economics and management sciences. excellent first introduction to the field of dynamic optimization.