Dinosaur Friendship

Dinosaur Friendship

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No. of pages:144 pages
Size:152x147x17 mm
Weight:295 g
Illustrations: 140 col illus
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from the international bestselling team behind dinosaur therapy, @dinosaurcouch

including exclusive, never-before-seen bonus comics

dinosaurs explore the meaning and significance of true friendship

Reviews for dinosaur therapy:

'Never has a book felt so much like a friend. When your own brain is the enemy, it's nice to be reminded by cute little dinosaurs that you are not alone.' BeRibbons

'Finally, a book that understands depression. It's funny and reflective and ironic and I can't recommend it enough!' J. Olney

Reviews for dinosaur philosophy:

'Insightful, beautiful and funny. As always dino comics had me laughing and feeling called out all at once.' Ciara Doyle

'A must for fans and a fun gift for almost everyone else! Tired of scrolling on social media for that one comic? Buy the book(s)!' Katzalina