Dictionary of British Cartoonists and Caricaturists: 1730-1980

Dictionary of British Cartoonists and Caricaturists

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No. of pages:272 pages
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Short description:

Originally published in 1994, this dictionary provides a unique ?who?s who? of the major figures in the world of British cartoons and caricatures.

Long description:

Originally published in 1994, this dictionary provides a unique 'who?s who' of the major figures in the world of British cartoons and caricatures. It was the first book to encompass the entire field from c.1730 when Hogarth published the first of his 'modern moral pictures' to 1980. In addition to describing the careers and achievements of the artists and the characteristics of their styles, more than 500 entries give details of their publications, their illustrations to books and periodicals, exhibitions of their work, public collections in which their work is represented and literature on or referring to them. More than 150 illustrations are included. This is a comprehensive reference work and will be of interest to social and political historians as well as cartoon and caricature enthusiasts.

'This entertaining and hugely informative Dictionary...whose organisation and arrangement present a model which other compilers and editors might profitably follow...an important reference and research tool...Its claims for a place on the shelves of general reference collections, art libraries, and libraries supporting social and political studies courses, need no underlining.' Reference Reviews

'This comprehensive, well designed and easy-to-use work merits imitation for other countries' cartoonists and a place on the bookshelves of all those who study or otherwise savour comic art.' Choice

'A delight to browse through...The biographical entries are a model of their kind...The authors must be commended for unearthing so much information...fascinating reading.' Bookdealer

'For anyone interested in cartoons this book is essential...I have looked at the references to those cartoonists I have known and they are all immaculate. A wonderful and hitherto missing dictionary.' George Melly

'Cartoonists rule the political world - or, rather, it would be a much better world if they did. Here is a splendid guide by two experts on the subject.' Michael Foot

'Seriously researched and affectionately written.' Hugh Casson

'This excellent dictionary...As a work of reference it will be invaluable - there is no comparable work - but just to leaf through it is a joy. There is at least one illustration on nearly every page, and the choice is brilliant...This book is a must, both for reference and enjoyment.' Ruari McLean

'Cartoonists on the whole have been underrated...A major reassessment is needed, and this excellent dictionary is the essential first step...This splendid book [is] comprehensive, erudite, but also wittiily elegant.' Lord Baker of Dorking, Daily Telegraph

'The entries are splendid...and written in a concise, erudite style, exhibiting a considerable amount of detective work...This is an excellent, comprehensive and invaluable reference work and a must for all devotees.' Antiquarian Book Monthly

'A seriously useful reference book.' Country Life

Table of Contents:

Preface. Acknowledgements. List of Abbreviations. A-Z Dictionary. Bibliography.