Death In The Details: A Novel
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No. of pages:288 pages
Size:218x146 mm
Weight:568 g

Death In The Details

A Novel
Publisher: Crooked Lane Books
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Maple Bishop is ready to put WWII and the grief of losing her husband Bill behind her. But when she discovers that Bill left her penniless, Maple realises she could lose her Vermont home next and sets out to make money the only way she knows how: by selling her intricately crafted dollhouses. Business is off to a good start - until Maple discovers her first customer dead, his body hanging precariously in his own barn. Something about the supposed suicide rubs Maple the wrong way, but local authorities brush off her concerns. Determined to help them see 'what's big in what's small,' Maple turns to what she knows best, painstakingly recreating the gruesome scene in miniature: death in a nutshell. With the help of a rookie officer named Kenny, Maple uses her macabre miniature to dig into the dark undercurrents of her sleepy town, where everyone seems to have a secret - and a grudge. But when her nosy neighbour goes missing and she herself becomes a suspect, it'll be up to Maple to find t