Dark Tourism California: A Paranormal Travelogue

Dark Tourism California

A Paranormal Travelogue
Publisher: Schiffer
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No. of pages:112 pages
Size:152x152 mm
Weight:200 g
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A New Kind of Travelogue Take an unusual, sometimes spooky, but always fun trip through the Golden State with this little travel companion—perfect for toting on an impromptu road trip or long-planned vacation. Visit the haunted Star of India and USS Hornet. Find out who is really living in a mysterious ghost town and wandering the halls of the “stateliest ship afloat.” Experience the electrifying ghosts of Universal Studios and the invisible inmates who forever roam “the Rock.” Ten popular and easy-to-access locations will show readers what a dark vacation is all about. From Alcatraz to the Calico Mountains to San Diego’s Old Town, California is a haunted paradise ready for you to explore . . . if you dare!