Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Africa

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Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Africa examines the multiple and diverse manifestations of cultural heritage-based tourism in Africa from a regional, social science, and sustainability perspective.

Long description:

Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Africa examines the multiple and diverse manifestations of cultural heritage-based tourism in Africa from a regional, social science, and sustainability perspective.

This book delivers a comprehensive treatise on the interdependent concepts of cultural heritage and tourism. Heritage is one of the most pervasive tourism assets worldwide and lies at the foundations of tourism in many localities, including Africa. However, despite its salience, there has not been a systematic examination of Africa?s heritage resources, markets, policies, practices, successes, and challenges in a tourism framework, despite the continent?s immense heritage value. This book reviews the different types of heritages that pervade the cultural environment of Africa and comprises its vast heritagescapes. It also examines the increasing potential for the growth of heritage tourism throughout the entire continent. The contributions in this volume delve into current thinking about space and place and their effects on heritage, mobilities, globalization, colonialism and indigeneity, conflict, identity and nation-building, connections with other regions through migration and the slave trade, and a greater emphasis on the ordinary heritage of Africa, which has long been ignored by tourism scholars and industry representatives. The chapters herein are authored by Africa specialists, most being from Africa, offering a truly African perspective. The chapters are conceptually rigorous and empirically rich with examples from all regions of the African continent.

This unparalleled interdisciplinary glimpse at cultural heritage and tourism in Africa delivers strong value and is a vital resource for all students and researchers of tourism, cultural studies, heritage studies, geography, anthropology, sociology, history, and global studies.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Africa?s Heritage and Tourism

Dallen J. Timothy

Chapter 2: Intangible Heritage as a Cultural Asset for African Tourism

Moren Tibabo Stone, Lesego Senyana Stone, Goemeone Mogomotsi, and Patricia Mogomotsi

Chapter 3: Indigenous Tourism in Africa

Kokel Melubo

Chapter 4: Cultural Events and Tourism in Africa

Ikechukwu O. Ezeuduji

Chapter 5: Religious Heritage, Tourism and Pilgrimage in Africa: Historical, Traditional and Contemporary Perspectives

Ermias Kifle Gedecho and Siyabulela Nyikana

Chapter 6: The Spatial Mismatch between Cities and Heritage Tourism Sites in Africa

Gustav Visser

Chapter 7: Rural Heritage and Tourism in Africa

Joseph E. Mbaiwa and Gladys B. Siphambe

Chapter 8: Growing Agri
-heritage Tourism in Africa: Challenges and Opportunities

Brent Lovelock, Gebeyaw Degarege and David Adeloye

Chapter 9: Culinary Traditions and Heritage Foods in Africa

Roselyne N. Okech and Dallen J. Timothy

Chapter 10: The Transatlantic Slave Trade: Africa?s Epitomous Heritage Tourism

Aaron Yankholmes

Chapter 11: African Diaspora Tourism: Concepts, Issues and Prospects beyond Slavery
-oriented Heritage

Emmanuel Akwasi Adu
-Ampong and Ishmael Mensah

Chapter 12: Industrial Heritage Tourism in Africa: Prospects and Challenges

Clinton D. van der Merwe and Dallen J. Timothy

Chapter 13: Dark Tourism and ?Painful Pasts? in Africa: Concepts, Contexts, and Challenges

Philip R. Stone

Chapter 14: Colonialism, Post
-colonialism and Its Heritage Imprint

Jo?o Sarmento

Chapter 15: African Archaeology and Tourism

Liza Gijanto

Chapter 16: Natural Heritage: Wildlife and Nature Preserves in the African Tourism Landscape

Chiedza Ngonidzashe Mutanga and Edson Gandiwa

Chapter 17: Climate Change, Cultural Heritage and Tourism in Africa: Critical Issues and Changes

Jarkko Saarinen and Naomi Moswete

Chapter 18: Heritage Tourism in Africa: Where Do We Go from Here?

Dallen J. Timothy