Crop Sustainability and Intellectual Property Rights

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Short description:

A comprehensive look at traditional agriculture, crop sustainability, and strategies associated with crop tolerance to adverse environmental conditions. It also highlights the role of agricultural intellectual property rights, along with the implications for plant patents and geographical indication in plant products.

Long description:

This new book merges the concepts of traditional agriculture, crop sustainability, and intellectualproperty rights associated with plant protection and agricultural products. It discusses various strategies associated with crop tolerance to adverse environmental conditions and also highlights the role of agricultural intellectual property rights, along with the implications for plant patents, protection of farmers? rights, and geographical indication in plant products, to provide a broader outlook toward strategies for sustainable agriculture and global food security associated with IPR.

The chapters provide an overview of sustainable crop cultivation in traditional agriculture as well as with new biotechnological approaches. The volume explores several stress resilience strategies and issues for crops, considering how to mitigate the effect of increased carbon dioxide concentration, heavy metal pollution, over-salinized soils, and cold spells. It also discusses how to make desert farming more efficient; how to increase abiotic stress tolerance of crops with grafting, seed soaking/priming, soil amendment, and more.

The chapters on agricultural intellectual property rights address IPR in conjunction with food security, the rights of farmers, legal applications and protection of plant patents, protection of traditional knowledge, international legal issues, and plant variety protection rights in agriculture and more.

Table of Contents:

Part I: Sustainable Crop Cultivation 1. Sustainable Crop Cultivation: A Comprehensive Update 2. Traditional Agriculture: A Sustainable Approach towards Attaining Food Security 3. Plant Bioactive Compounds: Biotechnological Applications for Novel Molecules Part II: Stress Resilience Strategies in Crops 4. Rice Physiology and Sustainability in the Face of Increasing Carbon Dioxide Concentration 5. An Analysis of the Physiological and Biochemical Attributes in Tomato Fruits Affected by Salinity Stress 6. Crop Improvement in Deserts 7. Grafting, Seed Soaking/Priming, Soil Amendment, and Foliar Application as Tools to Increase Abiotic Stress Tolerance of Crops 8. Heavy Metal Stress Tolerance in Plants: Signaling Responses and Role of Plant
-Microbe Association 9. Hydrogen Peroxide as Signaling Molecule in Plant Abiotic Stress 10. Plant Cell During Cold Stress: Sensing, Signaling, and Regulations Part III: Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights: Implications in Plant Science 11. Intellectual Property Rights Vis
-Vis Food Security: A Critical Analysis 12. Repatriation of Traditional Knowledge through the Lens of International Legal Instruments 13. International Convention for Protection of Geographical Indication and Its Application in Agriculture: A Legal Perspectives 14. Farmers? Rights: An Indian Scenario 15. From Green Revolution to Green Innovation: How IP and Trademarks Catalyze Commercialization of Agriculture and Plant Products 16. Delineation of Legal Application and Protection of Plant Patent: A Critical Study 17. IP Protection of Traditional Knowledge (TK) and Traditional Cultural Expressions (TCE) in Regions of Northeastern India: An Ecological Context 18. International Legal Issues and Plant Variety Protection Rights in Agriculture