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Control of Power Electronic Converters and Systems: Volume 4

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Long description:
Control of Power Electronic Converters and Systems, Volume Four covers emerging topics in the control of power electronics and converters not covered in previous volumes, including emerging power converter topologies, storage systems, battery chargers and the smart transformer. This updated edition specifically focuses on emerging power converter topologies and discusses very recent advances and topics with applications in power electronics and formidable probable dynamics. Chapters include modeling of power converters and their control, with supportive simulations and additional experimental results.Anyone looking for fundamental knowledge regarding new trends in power electronics by application, and also ready to use models and methodologies in their design, control and testing will find this the next invaluable resource in this highly regarded series.

  • Combines essential control design methods and trends with different applications of power convertor topologies
  • Includes global perspectives, case studies and real examples from different applications and their control
  • Features ready-to-use models and methodologies in power electronic application, their design, control and testing
Table of Contents:
Topic 1: Emerging power converters
1. Z-source converters, classification and their control
2. Three phase Z-source converters and their control
3. Dual active bridge converter and its control
4. Matrix converter - model and control
5. Current source converter/Inverter
6. Power Electronics Building Blocks - Control and applications

Topic 2: Charging technology for low and high-power applications
7. Control of chargers for computers
8. Battery charges for electrical vehicles

Topic 3: Storage systems
9. Battery cell balancing control methods
10. Control of battery systems
11. Control of fly-wheel energy storage technology
12. Super-capacitors, their design and control
13. Smart state of charge detection methods in control of energy storage systems
14. Operation and control of UPS systems
15. Operation and control of data-centers

Topic 4: Solid state transformer and its use
17. Solid state transformer and its potential topologies
18. Medium voltage grid solid state transformer
19. Solid state transformer applied in railway systems