Contemporary Financial Intermediation

Contemporary Financial Intermediation

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Contemporary Financial Intermediation, 4th Edition by Greenbaum, Thakor, and Boot continues to offer a distinctive approach to the study of financial markets and institutions by presenting an integrated portrait that puts information and economic reasoning at the core. Instead of primarily naming and describing markets, regulations, and institutions as is common, Contemporary Financial Intermediation explores the subtlety, plasticity and fragility of financial institutions and credit markets. In this new edition every chapter has been updated and pedagogical supplements have been enhanced. For the financial sector, the best preprofessional training explains the reasons why markets, institutions, and regulators evolve they do, why we suffer recurring financial crises occur and how we typically react to them. Our textbook demands more in terms of quantitative skills and analysis, but its ability to teach about the forces shaping the financial world is unmatched.

  • Updates and expands a legacy title in a valuable field
  • Holds a prominent position in a growing portfolio of finance textbooks
  • Teaches tactics on how to recognize and forecast fluctuations in financial markets

"The landscape of banking is undergoing fundamental changes, with the emergence of new financial technologies and regulations and the rise of non-banks. This updated version of the standard textbook on banking is mandatory reading for all regulators, bankers, and students who wonder what is special about banks and what financial intermediation will look like in the future." -Luc Laeven, Director-General, European Central Bank

"This up-to-date standard work on financial intermediation, peppered with many concrete examples, is well founded in economic theory but never loses sight of the rapidly evolving reality of global finance."-Ralph de Haas, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

"The banking sector has undergone significant changes in the decade since the global financial crisis. Technological change, increased non-bank competition, complex regulations, and shifts in globalization define the new landscape. The revised version of Contemporary Financial Intermediation provides an integrated framework for understanding and analyzing these changes.  It is a must read for finance students, regulators and policy makers."-Deniz Anginer, The World Bank

Table of Contents:


PART II: WHAT IS FINANCIAL INTERMEDIATION? 2. The nature and variety of financial intermediation 3. The what, how and why of financial intermediaries 4. Institutions and markets

PART III: THE BUSINESS OF BANKING 5. Spot lending 6. Further issues in bank lending 7. Off-balance sheet contingent commitments 8. Securitization

PART IV: MORE ON THE BUSINESS OF BANKING: FUNDING AND CAPITAL STRUCTURE 9. How banks fund themselves 10. The choice of funding and capital structure of banks

PART VII: BANK RISK MANAGEMENT 11. The management of risks

PART V: UNDERSTANDING FINANCIAL CRISES 12. Origin and causes of financial crises

PART VI: BANK REGULATION 13. Objectives and principles of bank regulation 14. Milestones in banking legislation and regulatory reform

PART VII: GOVERNANCE 15. The governance and structure of financial institutions 16. Corporate control

PART VIII: SPECIAL TOPICS 17. Financial innovation 18. Investment banks and the shadow banking system 19. Financial intermediaries and accounting