Comparative Public Opinion

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No. of pages:386 pages
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This book presents a comprehensive examination of public opinion in the democratic world.

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? 2023 selection and editorial matter, Cameron D. Anderson and Mathieu Turgeon; individual chapters, the contributors

"Comparative Public Opinion provides a comprehensive and modern coverage of one of the major areas of political science research. It brings together leading authors in the field and takes a very broad and rigorous view of public opinion. The textbook provides a priceless insight into the field."
Ignacio Lago, Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, Spain.

Table of Contents:

Part 1: Public opinion in a comparative perspective  1. Introduction  2. Defining and Measuring Public Opinion  Part 2: The Individual
-Level Determinants of Public Opinion
  3. Public Opinion about Immigration and Immigrants  4. Age and Public Opinion  5. Gender and Public Opinion  6. Immigration Status and Public Opinion  7. Class and Public Opinion  8. Religion and Public Opinion  9. Personality and Public Opinion  10. Ideology and Public Opinion  11. Partisanship and Public Opinion  Part 3: The contextual
-level determinants of public opinion
  12. Immigration and Public Opinion in Brazil: Taking Stock of New Waves of Migration and Polarization  13. The Inflow of Immigrants and Natives? Attitudes toward Immigration in Japan  14. The Impact of Labour Market Vulnerability: Explaining Attitudes toward Immigration in Europe  15. Linguistic Cleavages in Public Opinion  16. News Media Organizations and Public Opinion on Political Issues  17. Racial Attitudes and Opposition to Immigration  18. Conclusion