Comparative Law

Comparative Law

Series: Law in Context;
Edition number: 3, New edition
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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No. of pages:530 pages
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Presents a fresh, contextualised and sophisticated perspective on comparative law for both students and scholars.

Long description:
Comparative Law offers a thorough grounding in the subject for students and scholars alike, covering essential academic discussions and comparative law methodology. It critically debates both traditional and modern approaches to the discipline and uses examples from a range of jurisdictions to give the reader a truly global perspective. Its contextualised and interdisciplinary approach draws on examples from politics, economics and other social sciences to provide an original contribution to topics of comparative law. This new third edition is fully revised to reflect developments in the scholarship and includes two new chapters, balancing the book's structure between comparative law of the past, present and future. Suitable for students taking courses in comparative law and related fields, this book offers a fresh and cosmopolitan perspective on the subject.

'The publication of the third edition of Mathias Siems' excellent Comparative Law is to be greatly welcomed by students and comparative law scholars alike. Siems provides not only clear guidance to the methodology and essential contemporary debates of comparative law, but a truly global perspective.' Professor Paula Giliker, University of Bristol, UK
Table of Contents:
List of figures; List of tables; Preface; List of abbreviations; 1. Introduction; Part I. Traditional Comparative Law; 2. The comparative legal method; 3. Common law and Civil law; 4. Mapping the world's legal systems; 5. The diffusion of legal traditions; Part II. Extending the Methods of Comparative Law; 6. Postmodern comparative law; 7. Socio
-legal comparative law; 8. Numerical comparative law; 9. Empirical comparative law; Part III. Global Comparative Law; 10. Legal transplants and convergence; 11. Comparative regional and international law; 12. From transnational law to global law; 13. Comparative law and development; Part IV. Comparative Law as an Open Subject; 14. Implicit comparative law; 15. Reflections and outlook; References; Index.