Chi Kung for Radiant Skin: Taoist Secrets for Inner and Outer Beauty
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Chi Kung for Radiant Skin

Taoist Secrets for Inner and Outer Beauty
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Techniques and practices for skin renewal and ageless vitality

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Techniques and practices for skin renewal and ageless vitality.

Presenting a holistic approach to skin health, Taoist Master Mantak Chia and skin care expert Anna Margolina, Ph.D., share ancient Taoist wisdom and chi kung practices for a radiant complexion and ageless beauty.

The authors explain how Beauty Chi Kung exercises holistically restore the skin’s ability to renew itself by regenerating your skin’s chi, or vital energy. They offer Taoist energy-cultivation practices that work with the body’s major systems to promote optimum circulation, relax muscular tensions, reduce inflammation, restore immune system balance, and recharge your batteries to ensure the vitality of your body’s outermost layer. Looking at common challenges to skin health, the authors reveal the key role of the skin in detoxification and what needs to be done to ensure the toxins your body is expelling do not stagnate at the skin level. They offer tips for releasing CO2 fully from the body, so it is not reabsorbed into the body’s tissues, and share Taoist deep breathing practices to help release what the lungs have collected from the blood stream.

Exploring skin renewal, the authors detail skin breathing techniques and easy circulation-enhancing activities. They detail the practice of stem cell chi kung, showing how hydration and vibrations can activate stem cells to support deep and extensive renewal of the skin’s surface. They also look at several of Master Chia’s classic Universal Healing Tao practices that can help support inner and outer beauty.

Revealing how to cultivate physical and spiritual beauty, this Taoist guide to energetic skin care presents powerful and effective methods for achieving youthful radiance and glowing health at any age.

“This in-depth book explores holistic and energetic ways to cultivate your skin’s renewal and resilience. It offers a great selection of enjoyable and enlivening self-care practices. If you want healthy and glowing skin, this is a must-read!”
Table of Contents:
Foreword: Improving Skin from the Inside Out
by Jutta Kellenberger-Reichert


Putting Beauty Chi Kung into Practice

Introduction: Why Beauty Products Don’t Work

1 • Beauty Is More than Skin-Deep

2 • Taoist Secrets of Vitality and Vibrancy

3 • The Yin and Yang of Skin Renewal

4 • The Five Elements and Inner Smile for Radiant Skin

5 • Breathing Life into Skin

6 • Vibrating the Body to Support Skin Stem Cells

7 • Beauty and Emotions

8 • Preserving Youthful Beauty with the Microcosmic Orbit

9 • Sexual Energy Cultivation for Beauty

10 • Iron Shirt Chi Kung to Maintain Strength and Beauty

11 • Common Skin Problems

12 • Five Elements Nutrition for Skin Beauty

13 • Chi Kung for Beautiful Hair

14 • Beauty Chi Kung for Youthful Skin at Any Age


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