Book, Text, Medium

Cross-Sectional Reading for a Digital Age
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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Short description:

This study cuts across book arts and literary stylistics in a revisionary theory of language as medium in textual action.

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Book, Text, Medium: Cross Sectional Reading for a Digital Age utilizes codex history, close reading, and language philosophy to assess the transformative arc between medieval books and today's e-books. It examines what happens to the reading experience in the twenty-first century when the original concept of a book is still held in the mind of a reader, if no longer in the reader's hand. Leading critic Garrett Stewart explores the play of mediation more generally, as the concept of book moves from a manufactured object to simply the language it puts into circulation. Framed by digital poetics, phonorobotics, and the rising popularity of audiobooks, this study sheds new light on both the history of reading and the negation of legible print in conceptual book art.

'Garrett Stewart has produced a richly inclusive, nimbly attentive, celebration of the many dimensions in which reading is played out, across and between its different media and instruments, ear, eye and hand. It brilliantly diagnoses in the present conditions of reading, not a demise but an ongoing reprise of the many historical incarnations of 'bookhood'.' Steven Connor, University of Cambridge
Table of Contents:
Prospectus; Intro\Retro; Part I. The Hold of the Codex: 1. Bibliographics; 2. Platformatics; Part II. The Grip of Inscription: 3. Reading In; 4. Reading Out; Part III. The Give of Medium: 5. Phrasing the Sayable; 6. Between Language and Text; Parting Words.