Blenko: Cool '50s & '60s Glass


Cool '50s & '60s Glass
Edition number: 2, Revised
Publisher: Schiffer
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No. of pages:208 pages
Size:279x215 mm
Weight:1500 g
Illustrations: 675+ color & b/w photos
Long description:
Named after its founder, Englishman William Blenko, Blenko Glass Company, Inc. began producing stained glass in America in the late nineteenth century. It remains one of the few glass factories in the United States still making modern hand blown production glass. Recently, collectors have been scooping up Blenko designs from the company's middle years of production, the 1950s and 1960s. Three outstanding designers were responsible for the entire design repertoire of that era--Winslow Anderson, Wayne Husted, and Joel Myers. Over 675 color photographs of Blenko glass (courtesy of Blenko Visitors' Center Museum, the Huntington Museum of Art, and private collections), detailed captions, information about the designers, the never-before-published 1960 catalog, bibliography, and index make this book a valuable reference.