Biomedical Research, Medicine, and Disease
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Biomedical Research, Medicine, and Disease

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Short description:

Biomedical research is the first step towards the creation of new medications and treatments that help to manage different types of health conditions and diseases.

Long description:

Biomedical research is the first step towards the creation of new medications and treatments that help to manage different types of health conditions and diseases. The prevention and cure of diseases would be practically impossible without such type of research. Although the drug discovery and development processes are far too costly, time-consuming, prone to failure, and have low success rate, today the term "translational research or medicine" seems to have become trendy, yet it is insufficient.

The present book is a sincere attempt by dedicated researchers to convey the importance of translational biomedical research, medicine, and disease, primarily, basic and clinical difficulties in the translation of diagnostic measures, pharmaceutical advances, biomarkers, diagnostics, and therapeutics.

This book is meant for researchers, scientists, healthcare professionals, industry, innovators, and students of biomedical sciences, as well as for those involved in the basic sciences, biochemistry, biotechnology, biophysics, and life sciences in general.

The volume comprehensively covers:

  1. Emerging technologies for health care

  2. Various aspects of biomedical research toward understanding of pathophysiology of the diseases

  3. Advances in improvement in diagnostic procedures and therapeutic tools

  4. The fundamental role of biomedical research in the development of new medicinal products
Table of Contents:

Section 1: Advancement in Techniques in Biomedical Science

  1. Recent Advancements in Biomedical Sciences and Their Health Care Applications

  2. Nanotechnology in Medicine: A Promising Future

  3. Basic Principles of Flow Cytometer Operation for Biomedical Scientists

  4. Multicolour Flow Cytometry and Panel Design

  5. Digital Watermarking Techniques for Medical Image Security by Using the Fuzzy Analytical Hierarchy Process

  6. Limbal Stem Cell Deficiency: Concurrent Approaches and The Emanating Scope of Regenerative Stem Cell Therapy and Blood Derivatives

  7. White Rot Exopolysaccharide: Avenues to Biomedical Applications

  8. Section 2: Health, Disease and Management

  9. Membrane Lipids from Cellular Barriers to Health and Homeostasis

  10. Childhood Cataract: A Clinico-Social Profile

  11. Evidence Based Practice in Neurodegenerative Disorders: Approaches and Challenges

  12. Pragmatic Utilization of Technology in Dentistry- Current Status And Future Perspective

  13. Stress Deregulates Memory Consolidation Through Epigentic Modifications

  14. The Management of Autism Spectrum Disorder: Challenges Ahead

  15. Genetics of Left Ventricular Dysfunctionin Coronary Artery Disease

15. Genetics of Diabetic Nephropathy: A Review

16. Genetic Variations in Human Y Chromosome: Implications and Pathologies

17. Role of Repair Gene Polymorphism and Hypermethylation of Gstp Gene in the Risk of Prostate Cancer

18. Lymphatic Filariasis-Visceral Leishmaniasis Coinfection

19. Metabolic Dysregulation of Oncogenes and Tumour Suppressor: A Highly Orchestrated Performance to Induce Carcinogenesis?

20. Transthyretin Cardiac Amyloidosis: Recent Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment

21. Pathophysiology of Diabetes-Induced Foot Ulcers and Therapy Options

22. Current Challenges in Immunobiology of Autoimmunity and Cancer

23. Human Papillomavirus (Hpv) ? Molecular Epidemiology of Infection and Its Associated Diseases

24. Challenges of Multidrug Resistance Microbes on Public Health25. Role of Probiotics in The Prevention And Management Of Obesity: What Have We Learnt So Far?

Section 3 Therapeutics and Novel Approaches

26. Protease Inhibitors of Marine Origin: Promising Anticancer and HIV Therapies

27. Skin Stem Cells: Therapeutic Potential in Vitiligo

28. Interplay of Cancer Associated Fibroblasts (Cafs) And Tumour Associated Macrophages (Tams) In Metastasis and Their Potential For Therapeutic Interventions

29. Lantibodies: Strengthening Our Armor Against Amr Pathogens30.Traditional Medicines for The Control of Leishmaniasis Experimental Studies

31. Metal Embedded Complexes: Accelerated Antimicrobial Activity Against Microorganisms

Section 4 Drugs and Delivery Systems

32. Stem Cells: Emerging Novel Approaches to Drug Research and Disease Therapeutics33. Bioinformatics Review in Mirna System Biology and Drug Discovery

34. Biomaterial Based Nanofibers for Drug Delivery Applications

35. Threapeutic Translational Potential of Surface Decorated Nanoparticles

Section 5 Nutra-Chemistry

36. Towards Developing Biofortified?Food?Crops?for Enhancing The Nutritional Aspects And Human Health

37. Production of Sesquiterpene Lactones in Family Asteraceae: Structure, Biosynthesis and Applications

38. Multiple Therapeutic Applications of Pomegranate Fruit and Its Bioactive Phytochemicals in Health and Disease