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Biochemical and Molecular Pharmacology in Drug Discovery

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Biochemical and Molecular Pharmacology in Drug Discovery comprises fundamental biochemical and molecular aspects of drug discovery and basic understanding of modern drug discovery approaches, along with certain key topics related to molecular pharmacology of drugs and therapeutics. The book explains the phenomena of drug-target interactions, considering different biochemical systems and cellular strategies. With the advent of technologies, current advances, and research trends move toward molecular and/or target-based drug design and discovery. Through this book, readers will gain skills and knowledge with a thorough understanding of the subject of biochemical and molecular pharmacology in a comprehensive and systematic manner. Molecular pharmacology has gained significant momentum among researchers, scientists, and academicians because of its increasing interest in drug discovery research across the globe. Molecular pharmacology involves a fundamental understanding of drug actions at the molecular level with the help of several tools and techniques of biochemical and molecular biology.

  • Highlights the fundamentals of biochemical and molecular aspects, with reference to drug discovery research
  • Depicts modern drug discovery approaches such as reverse pharmacology, drug repositioning, and CADD in the context of current research updates
  • Summarizes recent developments in the molecular pharmacology of novel drugs/ therapeutic molecules
Table of Contents:
Section-A: Biochemical Aspects
1. Biochemical, Biophysical and Molecular Biology Techniques
2. Structure and Functions of Biomolecules
3. Transcription Factors and Gene Expression
4. Receptors and Signal Transduction
5. Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics

Section B: Molecular Aspect
6. Overview of Drugs and Drug Targets
7. Proteins as Drug Targets
8. Nucleic Acids as Drug Targets
9. Molecular Cloning of Drug Targets
10. Pharmacogenomics
11. Drug-Receptor Interactions

Section C: Drug Design and Discovery
12. Fundamental Approaches of Drug Discovery
13. Design of Enzyme Inhibitors
14. Drug Metabolism, Prodrugs and Drug Discovery
15. Reverse Pharmacology and Drug Repositioning in Drug Discovery
16. Bioinformatics and CADD Approaches in Drug Discovery
17. Artificial Intelligence-based protein structure prediction and systems biology-guided smart drug screening

Section D: Key Aspects of Molecular Pharmacology
18. Recombinant DNA Technology and Gene Therapy
19. Molecular Neuropharmacology and Neurotherapeutics
20. Molecular Oncobiology and Cancer Chemotherapeutics
21. Molecular Inflammopharmacology and Therapeutics
22. Molecular Immunopharmacology and Immunotherapeutics
23. Molecular Pharmacology of Nitric oxide and Therapeutics
24. Molecular Cardiopharmacology and Therapeutics
25. Molecular Endocrine Pharmacology and Therapeutics
26. Molecular Viral Infections and Anti-viral Therapeutics
27. Molecular Bacterial Infections and Anti-bacterial Therapeutics Conclusion