Between the Tides in California ? Exploring Beaches and Tidepools: Exploring Beaches and Tidepools

Between the Tides in California ? Exploring Beaches and Tidepools

Exploring Beaches and Tidepools
Publisher: MV ? University of Washington Press
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No. of pages:328 pages
Size:214x191x20 mm
Weight:600 g
Illustrations: 180 Illustrations, color; 7 Maps
Long description:

The vast and diverse California coast is an awe-inspiring place of exploration and discovery, full of life forms that are shockingly unfamiliar. Intertidal fish that can breathe in air, worms that build entire reefs, and seaweeds that can be mistaken for tar spots?these are as common as the more familiar barnacles that eat with their feet. Unicorn snails lie still on the rocks as they drill into the shells of their prey, while purple urchins nestle into sides of rock walls and keyhole limpets fend off sea stars. Surfgrass covers tidepools and protects sensitive species from sun and heat while welcoming animals like spiny lobsters and kelpfish to cruise atop its tangled blades.

In this guidebook, scientific experts describe how land and water shape specific ecosystems of the intertidal zone. Richly illustrated and accessibly written, Between the Tides in California transforms readers into nearshore detectives, with each species offering unique clues about the environment around them.

Features include:

? Profiles of sites to visit ranging from remote seashores on the northern coast to the popular beaches of Southern California

? The fascinating stories behind both common and less familiar animal and plant species

? A lively introduction to how coastal ecosystems work and why no two beaches are ever alike