From Its Beginnings to the 14th Century
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Baghd?d: From Its Beginnings to the 14th Century offers an exhaustive handbook that covers all possible themes connected to the history of this urban complex from its beginnings up to the 14th century.

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Baghd?d: From its Beginnings to the 14th Century offers an exhaustive handbook that covers all possible themes connected to the history of this urban complex in Iraq, from its origins rooted in late antique Mesopotamia up to the aftermath of the Mongol invasion in 1258.

Against the common perception of a city founded 762 in a vacuum, which, after experiencing a heyday in a mythical ?golden age? under the early ?Abb?sids, entered since 900 a long period of decline that ended with a complete collapse by savage people from the East in 1258, the volume emphasizes the continuity of Baghd?d?s urban life, and shows how it was marked by its destiny as caliphal seat and cultural hub.


Mehmetcan Akp?nar, Nuha Alshaar, Pavel Basharin, David Bennett, Michal Biran, Richard W. Bulliet, Kirill Dmitriev, Desmond Durkin-Meisterernst, Hend Gilli-Elewy, Beatrice Gruendler, Sebastian Günther, Olof Heilo, Damien Janos, Christopher Melchert, Michael Morony, Bernard O?Kane, Klaus Oschema, Letizia Osti, Parvaneh Pourshariati, Vanessa van Renterghem, Jens Scheiner, Angela Schottenhammer, Y. Zvi Stampfer, Johannes Thomann, Isabel Toral.
Table of Contents:


Notes on Transliteration and Style

List of Figures


Notes on ContributorsVii

1 Baghd?d?s Topography and Social Composition A Historical Sketch

Jens Scheiner and Isabel Toral

Part 1: The Foundation of Mad?nat al
-Sal?m and Its Legends

2 Legends about the Foundation of a Marvelous City

Isabel Toral

3 Islamic Art and Architecture in Pre
-Mongol Baghd?d

Bernard O?Kane

-Know I: The Foundation of al
-Man??r?s Palatial City and Its Horoscope

Johannes Thomann

-Know Ii: Was Mad?nat al
-Sal?m a ?Round City??

Jens Scheiner

Part 2: A Historical Overview from Late Antiquity to the Mongol Period

4 Ctesiphon and Its Surroundings, Precursors of Baghd?d

Parvaneh Pourshariati

5 The Early ?Abb?sid Caliphs as Commanders and Constructors

Jens Scheiner

6 Baghd?d under B?yid Rule

Nuha Alshaar

7 Baghd?d under the Salj?qs

Vanessa Van Renterghem

8 Baghd?d under the Late ?Abb?sid Caliphs

Hend Gilli

9 Baghd?d under Mongol Rule

Michal Biran

10 The Economic Parameters of Baghd?d and Its Hinterland

Richard W. Bulliet

Part 3: Baghd?d?s Neighbouring Empires

11 The ?Abb?sids and the Byzantine Empire

Olof Heilo

12 ?Abb?sid Caliphs and Frankish Kings

Kirill Dmitriev and Klaus Oschema

-Know IiI: Sino
-?Abb?sid Relations in the Eighth and Ninth Centuries

Angela Schottenhammer

Part 4: The ?Abb?sid Court and Its Legacy

13 Sketches of Court Culture in Baghd?d

Letizia Osti

14 City of Poets, Poets of the City

Beatrice Gruendler

15 Prose Writing in Baghd?d An Overview

Isabel Toral

-Know IV: A ?Golden Age? in Baghd?d?

Isabel Toral

Part 5: Institutions of Learning and Fields of Knowledge

16 Knowledge and Learning in Baghd?d

Sebastian Günther

-Know V: Medinan Scholars in Early ?Abb?sid Baghd?d

Mehmetcan Akp?nar

17 Philosophical and Scientific Learning in Baghd?d

Damien Janos

Part 6: The Religious Communities

18 The Formation of Sunn? and Sh??? Traditionalism

Christopher Melchert

-Know Vi: Rational Theologians

David Bennett

19 The ??f? School of Baghd?d Persons and Teachings

Pavel Basharin

20 Christian Communities in Baghd?d and Its Hinterland

Michael Morony

21 Jews in Baghd?d during the ?Abb?sid Period

Y. Zvi Stampfer

22 Zoroastrians, Manichaeans and Gnostics in Baghd?d and Its Hinterland

Desmond Durkin


Jens Scheiner

Appendix: Original Sources featuring Baghd?d

Jens Scheiner