Automotive Manufacturing Processes

A Case Study Approach
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Short description:

The text covers fundamental and advanced automotive manufacturing processes with applications in a single volume. It will be a useful reference text for senior undergraduate, graduate students, and academic researchers in areas including automobile engineering, industrial and manufacturing engineering, and mechanical engineering.

Long description:

Automotive Manufacturing Processes discusses basic principles and operational procedures of automotive manufacturing processes, issues in the automotive industry like material selection, and troubleshooting. Every chapter includes specific learning objectives, multiple-choice questions to test conceptual understanding of the subject and put theory into practice, review questions, solved problems, and unsolved exercises. It covers important topics including material decision-making processes, surface hardening processes, heat treatment processes, effects of friction and velocity distribution, the metallurgical spectrum of forging, and surface finishing processes.


  • Discusses automotive manufacturing processes in a comprehensive manner with the help of applications.

  • Provides case studies addressing issues in the automotive industry and manufacturing operations in the production of vehicles.

  • Discussion on material properties while laying emphasis on the materials and processing parameters.

  • Covers applications and case studies of the automotive industry.

The text will be useful for senior undergraduates, graduate students and academic researchers in areas including automobile engineering, industrial and manufacturing engineering and mechanical engineering.

Table of Contents:
1. Auto Materials. 2. Nonferrous materials. 3. Heat Treatment. 4. Moulding and Casting. 5. Forging Process. 6. Welding Process. 7. Material Removal Processes. 8. Plastic processing in Auto Industry. 9. Powder Metallurgy. 10. Surface treatment. 11. Press shop process. 12. Case studies of Automotive Manufacturing Units.