Anders Petersen: City Diary #4: City Diary #4

Anders Petersen: City Diary #4

City Diary #4
Publisher: Steidl
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No. of pages:64 pages
Size:310x234 mm
Long description:
This book is the latest of Anders Petersens award-winning City Diaries, the first three of which are now out of print. Throughout his career Petersen has traveled extensively and documented life beyond the margins of polite society, a shadowy world of pleasure and sin including prostitutes, transvestites, alcoholics, nighttime lovers and adult conflict. Through his candid, empathetic yet somewhat detached eye, he discloses difficult realities such as drug addiction with a sense of bewilderment and currency. City Diary #4 shows Petersens ongoing photographic engagement with the gritty and beautiful in life as it unfolds before him.