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Analytic And Combinatorial Number Theory: The Legacy Of Ramanujan - Contributions In Honor Of Bruce C. Berndt

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This volume reflects the contributions stemming from the conference Analytic and Combinatorial Number Theory: The Legacy of Ramanujan which took place at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign on June 6-9, 2019. The conference included 26 plenary talks, 71 contributed talks, and 170 participants. As was the case for the conference, this book is in honor of Bruce C Berndt and in celebration of his mathematics and his 80th birthday.Along with a number of papers previously appearing in Special Issues of the International Journal of Number Theory, the book collects together a few more papers, a biography of Bruce by Atul Dixit and Ae Ja Yee, a preface by George Andrews, a gallery of photos from the conference, a number of speeches from the conference banquet, the conference poster, a list of Bruce's publications at the time this volume was created, and a list of the talks from the conference.