An Introduction to the Japonic Languages

Grammatical Sketches of Japanese Dialects and Ryukyuan Languages
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No. of pages:342 pages
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Illustrations: 17 Illustrations, black & white
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An informative typological guide of the Japonic family for linguists of any theoretical persuasions who are not expected to be familiar with Japanese linguistics.

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Japanese is definitely one of the best-known languages in typological literature. For example, typologists often assume that Japanese is a nominative-accusative language. However, it is often overlooked that Japanese, or more precisely, Tokyo Japanese, is just one of various local varieties of the Japonic language family (Japanese and Ryukyuan). In fact, the Japonic languages exhibit a surprising typological diversity. For example, some varieties display a split-intransitive as opposed to nominative-accusative system. The present volume is thus a unique attempt to explore the typological diversity of Japonic by providing a collection of grammatical sketches of various local varieties, four from Japanese dialects and five from Ryukyuan. Each grammatical sketch follows the same descriptive format, addressing a wide range of typological topics.
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List of Figures and Tables


1 The Japonic Languages: an Introduction

Michinori Shimoji

2 Tokunoshima (Kagoshima, Northern Ryukyuan)

Kanji Kato

3 Iheya (Okinawa, Northern Ryukyuan)

Salvatore Carlino

4 Kin (Okinawa, Northern Ryukyuan)

Koji Tamamoto

5 Aragusuku (Okinawa, Southern Ryukyuan)

Wang Danning

6 Shiraho (Okinawa, Southern Ryukyuan)

Yuko Urabe

7 Nambu (Aomori, Eastern Japanese)

Natsuko Nakagawa

8 Izumo (Shimane, Western Japanese)

Tatsuya Hirako

9 Yanagawa (Fukuoka, Ky?sh? Japanese)

Aoi Matsuoka

10 Shiiba (Miyazaki, Ky?sh? Japanese)

Michinori Shimoji and Naoyuki Hirosawa