Agricultural Internet of Things and Decision Support for Precision Smart Farming

Agricultural Internet of Things and Decision Support for Precision Smart Farming

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Agricultural Internet of Things and Decision Support for Smart Farming reveals how a set of key enabling technologies (KET) related to agronomic management, remote and proximal sensing, data mining, decision-making and automation can be efficiently integrated in one system. Chapters cover how KETs enable real-time monitoring of soil conditions, determine real-time, site-specific requirements of crop systems, help develop a decision support system (DSS) aimed at maximizing the efficient use of resources, and provide planning for agronomic inputs differentiated in time and space. This book is ideal for researchers, academics, post-graduate students and practitioners who want to embrace new agricultural technologies.

  • Presents the science behind smart technologies for agricultural management
  • Reveals the power of data science and how to extract meaningful insights from big data on what is most suitable based on individual time and space
  • Proves how advanced technologies used in agriculture practices can become site-specific, locally adaptive, operationally feasible and economically affordable
Table of Contents:

1. Introduction 2. Monitoring 3. Data processing 4. Support to decision making 5. Smart action 6. Economic, environmental and societal impacts 7. Examples of smart precision farming worldwide