Ageing without Ageism?: Conceptual Puzzles and Policy Proposals
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Ageing without Ageism?

Conceptual Puzzles and Policy Proposals
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Short description:

Ageing without Ageism? aims to contribute to the essential and timely discussion on age, ageism, population ageing, and public policy.

Long description:
Ageing without Ageism? contributes to the essential and timely discussion of age, ageism, population ageing, and public policy. It demonstrates the breadth of the challenges posed by these issues by covering a wide range of policy areas: from health care to old-age support, from democratic participation to education, and from family to fiscal policy.

With contributions from 21 authors the discussion bridges the gap between academia and public life by putting in dialogue fresh philosophical analysis and specific new policy proposals. It approaches familiar issues like age discrimination, justice between age groups, and democratic participation across the ages from novel perspectives.
Table of Contents:
Age Discrimination: Is It Special? Is It Wrong?
Does the Badness of Disability Differ from that of Old Age?
In Defence of Age-Differentiated Paternalism
Age and the Social Value of Risk Reduction: Three Perspectives
Can Egalitarians Justify Spending More on the Elderly?
Age Limits and the Significance of Entire Lives Egalitarianism
Age Universalism will Benefit All (Ages)
?Let Them Be Children?? Age Limits in Voting and Conceptions of Childhood
Age and the Voting-Driving Analogy
Empowering Future People by Empowering the Young?
COVID-19, Age, and Rationing
Ageism in Assisted Reproduction
An Education Resource Account for Early School Leavers
Differentiating Retirement Age to Compensate for Health and Longevity Inequality?
Aging in Place and Autonomy: Is the 'Age-Friendly' City Initiative Too Elderly-Friendly?
An Age-Based Delayed Housing Wealth Tax
Two Types of Age-Sensitive Taxation
An Age-Differentiated Tax on Bequests