Advancement of Phenolic Acids in Drug Discovery: Fundamentals and Applications

Advancement of Phenolic Acids in Drug Discovery

Fundamentals and Applications
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Advancement of Phenolic Acids in Drug Discovery: Fundamental and Applications offers comprehensive coverage of the ADMET profiles of phenolic acids, their extraction method and prospects for drug design and development. Chapters overview phenolic acids and their characterization, discuss the role of phenolic acids in plant systems, present sources and detailed extraction methods of phenolic acids, and cover phenolic acid mechanisms of action as it relates to several key diseases and health conditions, including their role as antioxidant agents, anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs, anti-microbial drugs, anti-viral drugs, anti-cancer drugs, diabetes and metabolic dysfunctions, neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases. The book's final chapters cover nanoscience aspects of phenolic acids, biomedical applications, and concludes with challenges and opportunities presented by phenolic acids. This is the ideal reference for researchers in the fields of drug development, both in academia and corporate settings. Researchers of related areas like food science and medicinal chemistry will also benefit from this in-depth profiling of therapeutical properties of phenolic acids.

  • Highlights fundamental concepts with advanced exploration of phenolic acids
  • Provides in-depth coverage on the design and development of novel drugs from natural phenolic acids
  • Reviews the changing role of phenolic acids
Table of Contents:
1. Phenolic acids: A Brief Overview
2. Sources and extraction methods of phenolic acids
3. Role of phenolic acids in plant system
4A. Antioxidant methods, in vitro and in vivo studies of phenolic acids
4B. Phenolic acids as potent antioxidant agents
5. Phenolic acids based anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs
6. Progressive approach of phenolic acids towards the advancement of antimicrobial drugs
7. Promising role of phenolic acids as antimalarial and antiviral drugs
8. Development of phenolic acids-based system as anticancer drugs
9. Utility of phenolic acids in neurological disorders
10. Role of aronia`s phenolic acids in the treatment of diabetes mellitus
11. Phenolic acids in cardiovascular cure and treatment
12. Development of phenolic acids based nanocarriers and nanomedicines
13. Valorization of phenolic compounds delivery through lactic acid fermentation of fruit and vegetable juices: Innovations, challenges and gaps
14. Development of metal-phenolic acid network for biomedical usages
15. Grand challenges and opportunities for phenolic acids