A Retractable Guidance System for Mine Shaft Hoists
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A Retractable Guidance System for Mine Shaft Hoists

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Short description:

This book provides an effective solution to rope guided conveyances through a retractable guidance system, which is a pioneering approach in the Polish mining industry. It has improved the effectiveness of the Leon IV shaft of the Rydułtowy Colliery. It can be used to solve problems in multi-level shafts of rope guidance systems worldwide.

Long description:

Rope guidance of conveyances is commonly used in shafts of underground mines in numerous countries on almost every continent. This safe and economical way of guiding skips and cages does have one disadvantage, however, which is especially troublesome in the conditions present in the Polish mining industry. Rope-guided conveyances require additional support at mine levels, while shafts of Polish coal mines usually operate on many levels. Additional stiff guidance at mine levels used as a support negatively affects the effectiveness of rope-guided hoisting systems.

The retractable guidance system was originally introduced at the 960 m level in the Leon IV shaft of the Rydułtowy coal mine in Rydułtowy (currently ROW mine, Rydułtowy department), Silesian voivodeship, Poland. This construction, consisting of moveable elements, similar to the typical stiff guidance used at mine levels, serves as a support for the conveyance whenever necessary. When it is retracted, it allows the cage to travel at full speed through the level, increasing the degree of effectiveness of the hoisting system of the Leon IV shaft.

The retractable guidance system, the solution presented in this book, is a pioneering approach in the Polish mining industry. It has allowed improvement of the level of effectiveness of the Leon IV shaft of the Rydułtowy colliery. It is an innovative opportunity for rope guidance systems worldwide, as it solves their biggest problem in multi-level shafts.

Table of Contents:
1. State of art. 2. Description of retractable guidance system. 3. Measurements. 4. Summary.